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Interfaith worker advocates, ethical businesses and community leaders are getting tough laws passed, sending a message to unethical employers: Thou shalt not steal. But more needs to be done.

More than 16,000 workers come to IWJ worker centers for help each year. 80% are victims of wage theft. Wage theft happens in every industry to millions of workers. Billions of dollars are stolen when employers pay less than minimum wage; refuse overtime pay; force workers to work off the clock; hold back final paychecks; misclassify employees as independent contractors; steal tips; and fail to pay workers at all.

Wage theft cheats workers, steals from the public when companies fail to pay employment taxes, and puts ethical businesses at an unfair disadvantage.

But, together, we are making a difference.


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>> Wage Theft Study Guide: A Muslim Perspective

>> Wage Theft Study Guide: A Jewish Perspective 

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