Minimum Wage Action Resources

A living wage for an honest day's work. Seems simple, right? Yet for millions of Americans earning minimum wage, this is nothing but a dream. In 2012, a working mother of two earning $7.25 per hour lived below the poverty line. All religious traditions affirm that work contributes to the dignity and worth of a person. Poverty level wages do not instill dignity. We must raise the federal minimum wage to a living wage and index it to inflation so it stays a living wage.

Here are some resources you can use to help organize for a minimum wage that is a true living wage: 


Click to download Minimum Wage Myths



Click to download a Minimum Wage Bulletin Insert



Click to download a Toolkit to Organize a Meeting with a Member of Congress



Click to download a Fast Food Worker Thank You Cards



Click to download alternate Fast Food Worker Thank You Cards

Other Resources: