Labor Day 2019

Labor Day is around the corner and it's not too late to start planning Labor in the Pulpits/Minbar/Bimah activities.

Labor Day weekend provides a unique opportunity for faith communities, workers, worker advocates and the labor movement to rediscover their common bonds: social justice, equality, the common good, dignity and respect of all persons, economic justice, and fair treatment in the workplace. As Interfaith Worker Justice, we believe that people of faith are an integral part of the effort to insist all workers be treated with dignity and respect. 

Whether you are a worker center or a faith-labor organization we encourage you to involve your local faith communities. Some of the many ways to do this include:

  • have a worker speak at a local house of worship, 
  • provide prayers focused on worker justice to faith leaders, 
  • leave handouts and other materials at houses of worship, 
  • invite faith leaders to speak at a labor action,
  • invite faith communities to attend labor actions,
  • hold a faith and labor workshop.

IWJ National is happy to help in any way we can and you can download guides and other resources here (

Please let us know about your activity! You can post on Facebook or tweet with the hashtags #LaborinthePulpit, #LaborontheBimah, or #LaborintheMinbar. You can also email Martha Ojeda

As we celebrate working people let’s use this opportunity to connect and build deeper, lasting relationships between faith communities and our organizations.