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Coaching has roots from a variety of theories and philosophies and can be found in an increasing number of industries and sectors. Those who choose coaching as a career are most often looking for a profession that offers autonomy, financial rewards, professional fulfillment and is aligned with their interests, values and expertise. A career where they can choose where, when and who they coach.

We assume that everyone who comes to coaching has a wealth of experience, knowledge or interest, that touches on coaching. Our job is to provide you with an online curriculum that is challenging and engaging, and a coach certification that qualifies you to coach anyone, anywhere in the world.

  • 24/7 Learnsite Access
  • 24/7 CoachCampus Access
  • Course Booklets & Resources
  • Theory Classes
  • Practicum Labs
  • Mentoring & Observation
  • Peer Coaching
  • ICF accredited Performance Evaluations
  • Lifetime Alumni Membership
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As an International School, our students live and work in over 126 countries around the world. Our tuition is country specific and available in AUD, GBP, CAD, Euro and USD (shown on this page). Payment Plans available with prior approval.

Self Funded Enrollments

  • Single Payment (with tuition saving)
  • 12 month payment plan (Interest Free!)
  • Credit card, paypal or bank transfer options

Employer Funded Enrollments

  • We'll prepare a proposal, and when approved, issue an invoice that is aligned with your companies invoicing structure and systems.

Find the program best suited to your coaching goals and be connected with any tuition savings for your region.




  • 60 hours
  • Complete in 6 - 9 months
  • ACC Accredited Education
  • ACC via ICF Level 1 Track
  • Single Certification
  • Lifetime Campus Membership


  • 76 hours
  • Complete in 6 - 12 months
  • ACC Accredited Education
  • ACC via ICF Level 1 Track
  • Dual Certification
  • Lifetime Campus membership


  • 125 hours
  • Complete in 9 - 18 months
  • PCC Accredited Education
  • ACC or PCC via ICF Level 2 Track
  • Dual Certification
  • Lifetime Campus Membership


  • 150 hours
  • Complete in 12 - 24 months
  • PCC Accredited Education
  • ACC or PCC via ICF Level 2 Track
  • Triple Certification
  • Lifetime FlipIt Membership
  • Lifetime Campus Membership

We Recommend a Personalised Coach Education Plan

Too often we have coaches come to ICA looking to 'retrain' because they initially chose the wrong program; one that either wasn't accredited or didn't pathway to a credential.  Their journey could have been quite different had they known more about what is required to practice as a Professional Coach.

  • We will look at Your Background

    See how it intersects and how it can be blended with coaching.

  • We will ask you two specific questions

    Who do you want to coach? And how do you want to coach?

  • We will suggest Certification and Credential Options

    Matching your coaching goals, timeframe for study, and budget with a suitable program.

Begin Here

Note: You are under no obligation to continue on to join ICA's coach training following your meeting, or on receipt of your plan.

Certification is Essential.  Credentials are Highly Respected.

Milestone 1: Certification

Certification is a recognized statement of attainment that indicates you have been assessed by a training provider as having the industry recognized skills and knowledge required to practice as a professional coach. Your certificate will indicate the level of skill and achievement (eg. Level 1 ACC Accredited Coach Training, or Level 2 PCC Accredited Coach Training)

Milestone 2: Coaching Experience Hours

ICA coaches will begin to build their coaching portfolio from the moment they join ICA’s Coach Training. Our peer coaching program qualifies as pro bono or barter coaching, meaning it counts towards the accumulation of hours required prior to applying for an ACC or PCC credential.

Milestone 3: Coaching Credential

Credentials are further attestation of your qualification & coaching competence.

To apply for an ICF credential you must be certified, and you must have a documented number of coaching hours. Certified Coaches can apply for ACC via the Level 1 or 2 track, or PCC via the Level 2 track. A PCC credential must be achieved before applying for MCC.

Direct Credential Pathway

* Level 1 accredited study (ACSTH) pathways to an ACC credential

* Level 2 accredited study (ACTP) pathways to either an ACC or PCC credential

+ Level 3 accredited study pathways to an MCC credential (but only after completion of a Level 2 program and the achievement of PCC credential)

Steps to becoming a

Gone are the days where someone could simply call themselves a Coach based on a personal or professional self assessment.  Clients expect that the Coach they employ has been assessed as having the skills and knowledge to practice as a coach and hold an accredited Coach Certification (at a minimum).  ICF credentials such as ACC, PCC or MCC then offer a 2nd layer of reassurance, representing the coache's commitment to ongoing professional skill development and the latest coaching practices and research.

We've untangled the jargon and mapped out the certification and credential pathways for those considering coaching as a new career.


99% of ICA Graduates Say ICA's Coach Training Changed Their Lives

Once I started the training it was just amazing, and I thought to myself, why had I not done this sooner!  Adding coaching to my many years of corporate logistics was a brilliant move. I could meld my natural talents into something that was my own.

Doneen Barone (CPC)
Life and Transitional Coach

I came to coaching looking for something that had meaning for me. I went from trying to change the whole world to trying to change one person at a time, and the first person I tried to change was myself.

Merci Miglino (MCC)
Mentor Coach


Below are the key 6 considerations and requirements for enrollment and participation in ICA's Coach Training. 

  • 1

    Be Curious

    Students who flourish in our programs have an innate curiosity about life and a thirst for knowledge (what makes people 'tick).

  • 2

    Be Coachable

    Coaches value personal and intellectual growth, intentionally approaching life with consideration, self awareness and respect. They can connect with, and understand, the perspective and experiences of others, without judgement.

  • 3

    Be Resilient

    The students most likely to excel embrace instruction, feedback and reflection. They demonstrate resilience and perseverance in their pursuit of excellence.

  • 4

    Be Online

    Our programs have been accredited with the ICF, and delivered by e-learning since 2004. To join and participate, you will need a PC, Mac or ipad, access to zoom (free) and internet access.

  • 5

    Be Committed

    Coach Training requires time and focus. Most ICA students set aside 1 - 3 hrs a week for study, with the option to vary this (fast track or take your time).

  • 6

    Be open to 'Unlearning'

    Coaching is a new way of 'being and doing'. This requires students to step out of previously held assumptions or habits and be receptive to new ideas, perspectives, and feedback.