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A Connected Community of networks and friendships

3 Key Characteristics of a Coach

One of they things that makes ICA different from other coach training schools is our amazing community of like minded coaches. 

A community that has been growing and thriving since 2001. Our coaches live in over 126 different countries around the world, each graduating with their own unique coaching model and expertise.  They come to ICA to learn with the intent of learning to become a coach, and graduate not only with Coach Certification, but a whole new way of being and doing, and are equipped to coach anyone, anywhere in the world. 

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    Highly flexible, open to change and possibility, creative in the moment, and focused on the future rather than the past.

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    Every coach at ICA graduates with their own niche, and unique coaching model. A model that communicates who they are as a coach and the problems they solve.

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    Our practicum based curriculum means that our coaches hit the ground running. Every coach graduates with coaching experience and client hours that will support them in their coaching practice and/or credential applications.

Considering Coach Certification?

Connect with one of our program advisors to map out your education plan; looking at which certification might best suit your coaching goals (or budget).  Begin here...

ICA Coaches live and work in over 126 different countries

The ICA Graduate Yearbook is not only a great showcase for our  ICA Coaches, it is an excellent way to get a feel for our coaching community. Every ICA Coach develops their own unique niche and coaching model during their studies. This means they walk away with a Coaching Portfolio that is entirely their own IP. Our coaches tell us they use this all the time with new and current clients. It helps them communicate what they do in a clear and simple way. So make sure you click through and check out the Coaching Portfolios of our amazing 2022 graduates.

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Our coaches come from over 126 countries and all share one passion - the power of coaching.  Each coach graduates with their own coaching model and niche that showcases who they are as a coach and the problems they solve. Flick through our yearbooks to learn more about how are graduates are using coaching...


Graduation at ICA is a time for celebration.  It's truly inspiring to hear our coaches talk with such passion about their future, and share how coaching has changed not just their careers, but their life. It is an honour and privilege to have shared this journey with them.

Julia Griffin (Graduate)
Community Coach, UK

Jennifer Skinkai (Graduate)
Executive Coach, Tokyo

We Recommend a Personalised Coach Education Plan

Too often we have coaches come to ICA looking to 'retrain' because they initially chose the wrong program; one that either wasn't accredited or didn't pathway to a credential.  Their journey could have been quite different had they known more about what is required to practice as a Professional Coach.

  • We will look at Your Background

    See how it intersects and how it can be blended with coaching.

  • We will ask you two specific questions

    Who do you want to coach? And how do you want to coach?

  • We will suggest Certification and Credential Options

    Matching your coaching goals, timeframe for study, and budget with a suitable program.

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