The Home of the ICA Community

As an ICA Coach, You Never Need to Leave...

One of they things that makes ICA different from other coach training schools is our amazing community of like minded coaches. 

A community that has been growing and thriving since 2001. Our coaches live in over 126 different countries around the world, and showcase the portable and global nature of coaching.

A sense of connection is created through a multitude of experiences. As a new student, you link in with a generous and supportive group of people who are also dedicated professional and passionate coaches. You will find people who you really “click with”.  The networks, friendships and connections you make during your time with ICA will continue long after you graduate.  As a member of ICA's alumni, your associate is forever.

Learning Underpinned by Community

Our Campus isn’t an “add on” to our curriculum, it’s a fully integrated part of the learning experience at ICA.

While technology has made it possible for us to access learning resources and connect with others from anywhere in the world, it cannot replace the power of human interaction. We have long understood how critical human connection and social interaction are to the process of learning.

In online learning and coach training, human connection helps to build trust, foster collaboration, and create a sense of community among learners and coaches. When learners feel connected to their coaches and peers, they are more likely to engage with the material, participate in discussions, and share their experiences.

ICA Graduates share their community experiences

  • I now have an amazing network of peers across the globe whom I know I'll be connected to for life. It has been an amazingly supportive community to learn from!
    Katie Hoff Katie Hoff Career Coach (USA)
  • Choosing to join ICA has helped me grow as a person. It supported me in getting to know myself even more, and gave me the opportunity to meet great people from all around the world. I loved this journey.
    Ghadeer Alsulami Ghadeer Alsulami Transformational Coach (Saudia Arabia)
  • By far, the greatest memories I made during my ICA journey has been meeting with fellow students outside of class...the knowledge and experience sharing with others made this a fantastic 13 months.
    Emily Cornell Emily Cornell Life Coach (USA)

A Community where Global becomes Local

  • Coach Directory

    A searchable list of all ICA Students, Graduates, Faculty and Staff. Find and connect to those living in the same country, or with the same interests or niche.

  • Networks & Friendships

    Connect with other coaches, collaborate on projects, learn from each other’s experiences, or host an ICA Event.

  • Peer Coaching

    Ongoing Peer Coaching in the role of coach or client, earning pro bono or barter coaching hours towards an ACC or PCC credential.

  • Resource Sharing

    Share and collaborate with your peers, developing tools and templates to support your coaching practice.

  • Credentialing Support

    Navigate the International Coaching Federations’ ACC or PCC credential process with the support of your peers and ICA’s team.

  • News & Updates

    We’ll update you on learning and industry updates as they become available, hot off the press.

ICA Graduate Benny Callahan talks about the benefits of belonging to an International Coaching Community