Your Coaching Model is unique to you

We help you work out who you are as a coach

No two clients, or coaching situations that are the same. A generic coaching model will only take you so far. To really succeed and to bring extraordinary results for your clients you need a tailored approach.

For this reason every coach at ICA graduates with their own unique Coaching Model.

We teach our students to identify what is unique about them, what can they bring to coaching that no other coach can.

At ICA you will develop a coaching model
that works for you, in your market and
with the clients you want to coach.

What is a Coaching Model?

Your Coaching Model is the first step in building your coaching business

A coaching model is a representation of your values, core practices, personal profile, philosophies, and beliefs related to your coaching work. It is a depiction that frames your  coaching process and makes visible the fundamental ideas about who you are as a practicing coach.

Many ICF coaching schools train students in a specific model.  But, at ICA, we know that coaches are better served by creating their own model - a model unique to them. 

  • 1

    Process Models

    These are models that are driven by the coach's process. They often use an acronym that reflects the coaching process, and can be generic in nature. Eg. GROW Model

  • 2

    Concept Models (Taught by ICA)

    Models created around an idea, concept or metaphor, and communicate the philosophy and thinking behind your coaching in a more abstract way.

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    Blended Models (Taught by ICA)

    When we talk about blended coaching, we are referring to the coach who has decided to use a previous skill set in conjunction with coaching with a single client. Common coaching blends are Coach-Consultant, Coach-Therapist, Coach-Trainer. Many niches of coaching are also blended practices.

We recommend a Personalised Training Plan.

You Coaching Goals and your Learning Style are the two most important criteria when it comes to choosing a school.

Get a personalized roadmap with everything you need to make an informed decision about which program or school is best for you.

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Your Coaching Model Will Become Part of Your Coaching Identity and Brand

As educators with expertise in adult learning principles, we teach the frameworks and theories that have influenced coaching such as cognitive behavioral therapy, appreciative inquiry, NLP, emotional intelligence and mindfulness. We look at your background, how it intersects with coaching and how it can be blended with coaching. And, then we teach you how to create your own coaching model. The outcome being that each graduate creates a coaching model that will speak to their future clients about who they are as a coach, who they will coach, and the problems they will solve.

Graduate Coaching Models