All ICA Coaches graduate with coaching relationships, and experience hours that can count towards an ICF Credential.


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All ICA Programs include Peer Coaching

Our practice-based curriculum is an educational approach that emphasizes learning through practical application and real-world experiences rather than solely focusing on theoretical knowledge.

Peer Coaching for learning and development

Peer Coaching is where you put theory into practice, taking on the role of coach and client with pro bono and barter coaching. It's an opportunity for individual and collective growth, developing not only your own expertise, but also that of your peers.  It's where you can experiment, make mistakes and take charge of your own learning.

But, Peer Coaching is more than just practice.  You will also build friendships and networks, many of which will continue on long after you graduate.  Students often mention the comradery they experience during peer coaching as being one of their most memorable and impactful ICA Experiences.

Peer Coaching for ICF Credential Applications

In addition to being a learning opportunity, your ICA peer coaching hours can be counted towards the experience hours required for an ACC or PCC Credential.  This is because they happen outside the classroom.  Each program has a minimum number of Pro Bono and Paid (Reciprocal or barter) hours you must accrue to meet your program requirement.  But, this is not capped, meaning that you can continue to earn experience hours even after graduate (with ICA's ongoing lifetime campus membership).

Benny Callahan (ICA Graduate)

The biggest highlight for me was the opportunity to connect with peer coaches in six countries across four continents. This provided such a rich experience. I'm excited to continue partnering with them professionally and personally beyond the program.

Benny Callahan (ICA Graduate), LIFE COACH, AUSTRALIA

ICA'S Peer Coaching Counts as Paid and Pro Bono Coaching

Peer Coaching as 'Unpaid Coaching Experience Hours'

The ICF will accept between 25 hrs (ACC) to 50 hrs (PCC) unpaid coaching towards an ICF credential.  Unpaid coaching being pro bono or voluntary coaching hours where the coach does not receive payment or services in return for the coaching.

Peer Coaching as 'Paid Coaching Experience Hours'

The remainder of the hours you will need to accrue for your coach credential will be paid coaching hours.  These are where something of value is exchanged for services. ICA's peer coaching is reciprocal coaching or barter coaching, where coaching is traded in exchange for coaching, and can be counted towards this requirement.

Peer Coaching Directory

The ICA community spans 126 countries and has been growing and thriving since 2001. A community rich with coaching connections, resource sharing, learning, global networks and friendships.

Coaches connect with each other in CoachCampus; a purpose built social platform avaiable only to ICA students and graduates.  This includes a peer coaching directory where members can connect locally or internationally to find peer coaches or clients.

Considering Coach Training?

Connect with an ICA program advisor or submit your request to join CoachCampus and we'll get your set up.

YOU decide the DAY and TIME you attend classes

Our Level 1 and Level 2 programs are all self paced - this means you are the one that decides how many classes you take a week, with the option to fast track or take your time. Over 30 classes a week, with morning, afternoon, evening, weekday and weekend options.

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