ICF Accredited Coach Training

Become a PROFESSIONAL Coach with Dual Certification


Dual Certification

- Certified Professional Coach
- Certified FlipIt Coach

Completion Timeframe

125 hours.

Fast Track (12 months) or take your time (up to 18 months).

Credential Pathway

ACC or PCC via the direct
ICF Level 2 track

Post Graduation

Lifetime CoachCampus membership


A program for those wanting to become a professional coach and set up their own coaching business, become a corporate coach, or integrate coaching with their existing profession or business. This program includes the required core competencies and practicum to coach anyone, anywhere in the world. At the end of the course you will have ongoing access via the ICA graduate program for 3 months, and lifelong access to the ICA community via the ICA Coach Collective.

You will graduate with the specialised coaching skills and knowledge to

  • Work with individuals; empowering them to reach their full potential and achieving professional, or organizational goals
  • Work within a corporate environment; facilitating positive change, holding accountability and improving team cohesiveness and productivity
  • Facilitate Collaborative Learning; workshops, training or group coaching sessions around a specific need, niche or focus
  • Set up Your Own Coaching Practice; Offering F2F, zoom or phone coaching within a chosen niche or speciality, with your own unique coaching model
  • Faciliate FlipIt: prompt and guide individuals, teams, or groups to rethink the way they think, using the FlipIt Framework

The benefits of ICA

  • A school with 20+ years e-learning & industry credibility
  • Internationally recognised Certification (PCC accredited education)
  • Morning, afternoon, evening & weekend classes (fast track or take your time)
  • Linear (structured) or intuitive (flexible) study pathways
  • Peer Coaching and real life industry experience while you study
  • Lifetime membership with ongoing peer and faculty support


We assume that you come to coaching with a wealth of experience and knowledge, valuing positive change for yourself and others. Our job is to provide you with a curriculum that is challenging and engaging and one that equips you to coach anyone, anywhere in the world.

  • A Coach Approach

    Learn and explore the competencies, theories and frameworks that underpin coaching, including what coaching is (and isn’t).  Includes Resource downloads, audio’s, zoom classes and learning tasks.

  • The FlipIt Framework

    Learn how to use the FlipIt Framework in both an individual and group setting; a process for moving someone from where they are now to where they want to be. Resource downloads, audio’s, learning tasks and zoom classes.

  • Coaching Practicum

    Put theory into practice, trialing new techniques and refining your coaching personality. Coaching labs include coaching demonstrations, showcasing the ICF competencies in action.

  • Industry Experience

    Take on the role of both coach and client with ICA’s Peer coaching.  Earn experience hours (pro bono and barter) that can count towards an ACC or PCC credential.

  • Mentoring

    20 plus hours One on One and Group Mentoring; Coaching with feedback from an experienced PCC or MCC coach with the opportunity to develop and refine your coaching skills.

  • Coach Observation

    At ICA your coach observation prepares you for your final performance evaluation, providing you with written and verbal feedback against the ICF Competencies as demonstrated at either ACC or PCC level.

  • Your Coaching Model

    A ‘one size fits all’ coaching model is fine for beginner coaches, but ultimately you need your own unique coaching model.  One that reflects your values and personality, and communicates to future employers and clients who you are as a coach and the problems you solve. We teach you how to create this.

  • Your Coaching Starter Pack

    With our support and guidance you will create your coach starter pack so that you are ‘client ready’ by the time you graduate. This includes a range of templates and suggestions for you to use or repurpose.

  • Your Business Model

    The last few years has seen a rapid uptake of online or virtual coaching. Having been online for 20 years we know this space well, and will support you to get your business online with b-labs.  Live labs where we will help you to identify your signature offer, brand and social media strategy.

  • Lifetime Membership

    You never need to leave.  Upon completion of your studies you will continue to engage and connect with your ICA community in CoachCampus; the social learning platform for ICA.

  • Global Networks

    ICA Coaches live and work in over 126 countries around the world.  The networks and friendships you build will be lifelong, with many coaches continuing their connections long after they graduate.


What is Linear vs Intuitive Learning

This program includes a set number of training hours but there’s flexibility within the structure.  You can either take classes sequentially (one after the other) as shown in your graduation checklist, or you can take them in an order that best suits your learning.

What does it mean to fast track?

Take Your Time: If you are wanting to take your time you would attend 1 class a week (any 1 of the shown times).  You work the classes in around your own personal schedule.

Fast Track: If you are wanting to fast track you would attend at least 3 classes a week on a regular basis.  This will require you to have some flexibility with your own schedule.

Read More or request a copy of the schedule.

Who will be in my cohort?

ICA has ongoing intakes with new students joining each month.

But, unlike traditional cohort learning, where you are restricted to an allocated group with a set start and end date, you get to choose which group you join.  The commonality might be language, country or even niche.  You also have the option to create your own group.

In summary, you get to choose the people you would like to learn and connect with, and there’s students in over 126 countries also wanting to share and collaborate.

What days and times are classes scheduled

Classes and labs are scheduled across all time zones, with at least 6 options in each time zone each week (for 52 weeks of the year).  These times will include at least 1 morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend class or lab.

Is there a learning guarantee?

Enrollment in a Coach Training program is a commitment to both yourself and International Coach Academy. If within 45 days you have not found value in your learning then you can apply for a refund (less administrative fee) and have your attended classes and labs certified by ICA.   Read More

Certification is Essential.  Credentials are Highly Respected.

Milestone 1: Certification

Certification is a recognized statement of attainment that indicates you have been assessed by a training provider as having the industry recognized skills and knowledge required to practice as a professional coach. Your certificate will indicate the level of skill and achievement (eg. Level 1 ACC Accredited Coach Training, or Level 2 PCC Accredited Coach Training)

Milestone 2: Coaching Experience Hours

ICA coaches will begin to build their coaching portfolio from the moment they join ICA’s Coach Training. Our peer coaching program qualifies as pro bono or barter coaching, meaning it counts towards the accumulation of hours required prior to applying for an ACC or PCC credential.

Milestone 3: Coaching Credential

Credentials are further attestation of your qualification & coaching competence.

To apply for an ICF credential you must be certified, and you must have a documented number of coaching hours. Certified Coaches can apply for ACC via the Level 1 or 2 track, or PCC via the Level 2 track. A PCC credential must be achieved before applying for MCC.

Direct Credential Pathway

* Level 1 accredited study (ACSTH) pathways to an ACC credential

* Level 2 accredited study (ACTP) pathways to either an ACC or PCC credential

+ Level 3 accredited study pathways to an MCC credential (but only after completion of a Level 2 program and the achievement of PCC credential)

Stay Connected After You Graduate

The status of alumni is a testament to your hard work, beliefs, and coaching expertise. Graduation marks a point in time where you are certified and can enter the coaching industry as a Professional Coach. But this isn't where your ICA connection ends. Your ICA Certification aligns you with the International Coach Academy (ICA) brand; a brand with over 20 years industry credibility and your affiliation is lifelong.  Alumni members also enjoy ongoing co-branding, networking, volunteer and learning opportunities to help grow your coaching confidence and business.


  • Yearbook listing
  • Community Showcase Feature
  • Shareable Certificate
  • Alumni Networking
  • Alumni Peer Coaching
  • Credential Support
Read about Alumni

Program Comparison

All programs are ICF accredited and offer direct entry (eg. you don't need to do a Level 1 before a Level 2)


  • 60 hours
  • Complete in 6 - 9 months
  • ACC Accredited Education
  • ACC via ICF Level 1 Track
  • Single Certification
  • Lifetime Campus Membership


  • 76 hours
  • Complete in 6 - 12 months
  • ACC Accredited Education
  • ACC via ICF Level 1 Track
  • Dual Certification
  • Lifetime Campus membership


  • 125 hours
  • Complete in 9 - 18 months
  • PCC Accredited Education
  • ACC or PCC via ICF Level 2 Track
  • Dual Certification
  • Lifetime Campus Membership


  • 150 hours
  • Complete in 12 - 24 months
  • PCC Accredited Education
  • ACC or PCC via ICF Level 2 Track
  • Triple Certification
  • Lifetime FlipIt Membership
  • Lifetime Campus Membership


Find the program and certification options best suited to your coaching goals, budget and timeframe for completion.

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