Coach Starter Pack

A collection of introductory resources to help you
get your coaching practice up and running. 

By the time you graduate from an ICA program you will not only be coach ready, but business ready. 

Our ICF Accredited Coach Certifications (Level 1 and 2) all include a coach starter pack.  A collection of resources, guidelines and templates that you students can customise, repurpose and develop during for their own coaching practice.  The learning also extends beyond the classroom into CoachCampus - our social learning platform where ICA coaches share resources, network, and establish lifelong friendships.

Your Coaching Starter Kit Communicates


It's a common misconception that structure can be limiting and restrictive.  Or, that they take alot of energy to set up. Neither is true, and actually, it's the opposite.  Structures and process can free you up. Consider the walls in your house - they keep the frame intact, the roof on, and protect you from the elements.

In ICA's Level 2 Coach Training Programs we'll teach you how to create your signature model, get your coaching practice online, and provide templates you can repurpose or use as a guide for creating your own coaching starter kit.

Client Clarity and Expectations
Your coaching contract helps establish clear expectations by outlining the scope of the coaching relationship, the goals and objectives, the duration and frequency of sessions, and any specific terms or conditions that both parties need to agree upon. It will provide professional coaching boundaries and ethics upfront to be sure of a safe space for both client and coach.

Client Progress
Your client intake form, register and progress forms will track and monitor your client's journey and provide continuity from one session to the next.  These forms will document the client's initial state, progression towards their goals and objectives, accountability measures and milestones.

Client Reassurance
Clients want to know that you not only have coach certification, but that you are also a business professional.  This will be reflected in your business practices and documentation such as your policies and processes, invoicing and opportunities for receiving client feedback with openness and gratitude.

Become a Certified Coach

The one thing that all coaches have in common is that they feel a natural talent or desire to create positive change in their lives, or the lives of others.  But, within this profession, there are many different niches and applications.  Take our quick quiz to find out what sort of coach you will be.

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