Immigration Action Resources

Interfaith Worker Justice affirms that all workers must be honored and treated with dignity and justice. When we allow immigrant workers to be exploited, we lower the standards for all workers, native born and immigrant, current and future. As people of faith, we recognize and honor the social and economic contributions made by immigrant workers, regardless of their national origin or immigration status. Our immigration system is broken — workers are exploited and families are being separated — and we all suffer as a result.

Immigration in religious texts:

>> Immigration in Christian texts

 >> Reflections on immigration for Bible study

>> Immigration in Muslim texts

>> Immigration in Jewish texts

Here are some resources to organize in support of immigration reform:


Click here to download IWJ's statement of principles on immigration



Click here to download immigration myths debunked



Click here to download an immigration bulletin insert



Click here to download prayers for immigrants



Click here to download our toolkit for planning an interfaith delegation to meet with your member of Congress



Click here to download action postcards to mail to elected officials



Click here to download our toolkit for planning an immigration prayer vigil


Other religious statements on immigration reform