Faith community guide to supporting hospitality workers

As people of faith, we think hospitality workers deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. As faith communities we will only patronize facilities and venues that recognizes employees' rights to living wages, fair benefits, and the right to form a union if they choose.

What Religious Groups and Denominations Can Do

As people of faith, we are committed to promoting and preserving the rights of hotel workers, and when we hold conferences or events, we have an opportunity to stand with these workers and highlight our preference for fair treatment for hospitality workers. We ask that you consider the following when selecting a venue for your organization's conferences and meetings:

This last question is a crucial one. The protective language permits the cancellation of the contract without penalty in the event of certain developments—like a labor dispute. We urge everyone to make sure that a labor dispute protective clause is always included in your contracts with potential venues. The following is a sample of this kind of protective language:

EXCUSED NON-PERFORMANCE DUE TO LABOR DISPUTE. Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement to the contrary, if performance hereunder would foreseeably involve [Group] in or subject it to the effects of a boycott, strike, lockout, picketing or other labor dispute and [Group] therefore withholds, delays or cancels performance, it shall have no liability there from, provided that [Group] may not withhold, delay or cancel performance based upon a labor dispute involving its own employees. In the event of a cancellation under this Section, neither [Group] nor its members shall have any future obligation under this Agreement, and any deposits or other payments made to the Hotel by [Group] or its members to reserve rooms or other space for use, and/or for services to be provided, shall promptly be refunded to [Group] or its members. This Section shall supersede all other provisions of this Agreement and shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of [Group's home state here].

Furthermore, language requiring the hotel/conference facility to disclose any labor disputes would be a prudent measure. Here is a sample:

NOTIFICATION OF LABOR DISPUTE. The Hotel agrees to notify [your Group] in writing within ten (10) days after it becomes aware of any labor relations dispute involving the Hotel and its employees including, but not limited to, union picketing, the filing of an Unfair Labor Practice charge by a union, the expiration of a negotiated labor contract, an existing or impending strike or lockout or any other matter which could reasonably be construed as a labor-management relations dispute.